I am

About Me

Hi, my name is Patrick.

I was born February 1990. I am a Senior System Engineer and Business Data Processing Specialist from Switzerland working full-time for BitHawk AG based in Sursee (Lucerne). Ever since my father allowed me to draw stick figures in Microsoft Paint, compuputers fascinate me. I probably spend more time in front of the computer than is healthy but I just love to discover new topics and to increase my knowledge regarding those which interest me.

I love to...

  •   cook delicious dishes
  •   automate boring stuff with Python and PowerShell
  •   take pictures on my trips around the globe
  •   analyse and backtest numbers
  •   make Serverless websites
  •   dance to Hardstyle, yay Defqon.1
  •   hike and enjoy mother nature
  •   process data in MySQL, Timescale and Influx
  •   explore new countries
  •   invest my hard earned money
  •   create new awesome things
  •   spend time with the best

  • My main principles to live by:

  • Always think positive
  • Do good and good will come to you